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Founded in 1998, CAMP THREE is a multi faceted street wear brand with roots in action sports, design , art and music.


In the 1980's a small group of kids from Western Pennsylvania fell down the rabbit hole that was to be later known as "extreme sports" and "action sports". Skateboarding or riding BMX in the 1980's and early 90's in small town America would instantly make you an outcast. Over time, all of the rebels would eventually get to know one another and long term friendships were formed. This was the climate in which Camp Three was formed.


Fast forward to 2018. The kids have grown into men and the lunatics are now running the asylum. The perseverence to resist the pressure to conform during our youth has paved a path for future generations. The music that we listened to, the "sports" we chose, the friends we made and the rebellious attitudes we had as kids all shaped us into the people we are today. We've found that we still feel like we did when we were kids, the world around us has just finally caught up. We make things we like and use. We get involved in projects that we believe in. True to our roots, Camp Three is dedicated to providing products for the action sports community, artist, musician and anyone else with the pioneering spirit to explore the unknown and push the limits of human possibility.

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