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FTD II 27.5 (2pc kit)
  • Fits Inner Rim width 28mm to 40mm
  • Kit Contains Foam Insert & Valve Stem
  • Super glue is provided to assist in adhering the two ends together. View Install Guide.
  • Recommended Tire Width 2.30/2.80
  • Weight 200-220 grams (each)
  • FREE Shipping in US                                                                                                                                                                                

2pc Kit includes (2pc each): Foam Insert, NC40 valves, cable ties for mounting & safety/mounting instructions 


FTD II 27.5 (2pc kit)


    FREE USA: On average, 3-7 business days after order is processed
    INTERNATIONAL:  On average, 7-14 business days after order is processed, depending on International Customs Clearance delays. Cost is $50.00.


    The following information is for all users of Flat Tire Defender® Foam Inserts for bicycle mountain bike applications. This includes racers, consumers, dealers, retailers, and mechanics and tire fitters.  Failure to heed may result in accident, injury or death. Please refer to Flat Tire Defender® website for additional information or contact Flat Tire Defender®.

    Safety Information


    • It is the operator/rider responsibility to safely operate the bicycle mountain bike when fitted with Foam Inserts.
    • Foam Inserts are designed to assist in carrying the load of the tire’s sidewall in the event of a flat tire. NOT designed to be used as a ‘run flat’ – tire without air.


    • Foam Inserts recommends only specially trained persons should install/remove Foam Inserts.  Improper install/removal can cause damage to the Foam Inserts, tire, rim, wheel and /or cause tire explosion and result in injury.
    • Follow Foam Inserts Installation/Removal instructions provided with the product and shown on Flat Tire Defender® website.

    Tire Pressure:

    • Foam Inserts are NOT designed as a ‘run flat’ – tire without air.  It is important that proper tire inflation pressure is maintained before each ride.
    • Follow tire brand inflation pressure recommendation and refer to Flat Tire Defender® website tire pressure guide or contact Flat Tire Defender®.

    Sizing & Tire/Rim Matching:

    • The correct Foam Inserts matching to the tire/rim size is critical for optimum performance, durability and handling. Use of incorrect Foam Inserts, tire, rim and/or wheel assembly can cause tire blow out, tire damage, rim/wheel damage and/or lose of control.
    • Tires can vary in their inflated dimensions from one manufacture to another, in the same size marking effecting Foam Inserts fit, performance, handling and durability.
    • Refer to Flat Tire Defender® website fitment guide or contact Flat Tire Defender®.

    Flat Tire:

    • In the event of a flat tire, it is the operator’s responsibility to slow down and use extreme caution until safely stopped.
    • Be sure to inspect the Foam Inserts, tire, rim and wheel assembly carefully while repairing the flat.

    Life Cycle:

    • Foam Inserts can be reused when installing new tires. However, overtime the Foam Inserts can soften and their shape can change effecting the load carrying, performance & handling.  It’s important to check the worn Foam Inserts for damage and fit inside the tire, rim & wheel assembly before reinstalling.
    • Foam Inserts recommends dismounting the tire to inspect & clean the tire, Foam Inserts, rim/wheel assembly and change tire sealant every 3 to 4 weeks.
    • Foam Inserts need to be stored properly. Store in a cool – dry place minimizing extreme heat or extreme cold exposure.

    Warranty Information

    • Flat Tire Defender has a no warranty, no replacement cost policy. All sales are final.
    • Flat Tire Defender is not responsible for damages to; tire, rim, wheel assembly, bicycle and/or related items.
    • Flat Tire Defender is designed to use with air pressure in the tire. If air pressure is lost during a ride which is typically from; improper installation, tire bead damage, incorrect tire for terrain, tread puncture, sidewall cut, rim damage and/or incorrect tire pressure, the load is put solely on the foam inserts. Although the Flat Tire Defender provides an added layer of protection between tire sidewall and rim edge, the excessive load on the foam insert can only absorb so much of the impact when traveling over rough terrain; roots, rocks, jumps, high cornering loads, etc. The impact is then transferred directly on the wheel assembly which can result in damage to tire, rim and/or wheel assembly.
    • There are many variables related to getting a flat tire: improper installation, brand of tire, tire casing spec, tire pressure, rim material, rim design, bike/suspension set up, rider ability, etc. Contact Flat Tire Defender for more information.
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