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With just about a month until the CAMP THREE CUP Downhill MTB Race Aug 11-12th at Seven Springs Mountain Resort, things seem to be coming together as planned. Still a lot of work to do, but for our first time throwing our hat in the ring, we're pretty happy with where we're at so far. C3's very own Mike Hummel along with Seven Spring staff and volunteers have been slinging all kinds of dirt and building one hell of a course designed specifically for the race. The course is named C3-18RC and the entrance is near the top of the Gunnar slope lift. We've had a few tires on it and it's been getting some great reviews. The lift for Gunnar tentatively opens July 13th and we are encouraging everyone to go over and ride the hell out of it.

2018 marks CAMP THREE's 20th anniversary and we'll be celebrating Saturday night (Aug 11th) beginning with a beer tasting with craft brews provided by Helltown Brewing. Around 8:30 we'll head over to the Foggy Goggle and get down to music by DJ Hank D followed by a live set by Pittsburgh Speed Rock group Six Speed Kill. We highly recommend spending the night at the resort and Seven Springs has offered a room rate discount for participants of the event as well as those looking to celebrate with us Saturday night (updated link to room bookings coming soon).

We're really looking forward to the event and hope that we can get as many people to come and celebrate our 20 year anniversary with us as possible. Bring your bikes, friends and families. Come for the race or come for the good time. Seven Springs is a great, family friendly resort with something for everyone so spread the word and we'll see you all on the mountain!!! online registration links and event details are all available here

Below is a list of race classes and age groups.

We're happy to announce an incredible list of sponsors for the event including Flat Tire Bike Shop, Seven Springs Mountain Resort, Pro Bike + Run, The Wheel Mill, Ray's MTB Bike Park, Wellness on the Point, Helltown Brewing, Six Speed Kill, Profile, Bell Plumbing, All About Graphics, JT racing and more...

Below is a tentative schedule of events. times may or may not change depending on the turn out and weather.

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